Son of Swiss-german parents, I grew up in Geneva (Switzerland), where I finisehd my university studies with a degree in Information Systems. Multi-language speaker, I speak fluently English, French and German, with some basics in Italian and Spanish.

Known for my regular posts in the biggest French equestrian newspaper, I was also the official party and eventing photographer of many associations in Geneva. At this time, you could also spot me on various weddings and equestrian events.

Unlike many, I didn't go into photography when I was young, but at the contrary, this passion came later, when I discovered the true pleasure of photography by handling a real reflex camera. Not lagging at startup, great battery life, shutter speed, manual settings,... and crystal sharp lenses, combined with minimal runnning costs (when you consider the old films).

Fully equiped with Nikon gear, where my trustworthy 70-200mm f2.8 VRII and 17-55mm f2.8 lenses play the biggest part, I travel accross the world to capture beauty and inspiration... More recently, I got into wildlife photography and am specialising myself on the African continent. This is why I followed the Level 1 Field Guide training (FGASA), to learn a few tricks and be allowed to share my passion with other photography enthusiasts! See you soon, on the field or in a studio!